Porte interne in WPC (KL01)

Descrizione del prodotto Portelli interni di WPC1) Materiale: WPC (composito di plastica di legno)2) Formato standard del foglio del portello: 2000 X800 X 40mm (L X W X Thickness)3) Spe

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Descrizione del prodotto

Portelli interni di WPC
1) Materiale: WPC (composito di plastica di legno)
2) Formato standard del foglio del portello: 2000 X800 X 40mm (L X W X Thickness)
3) Spessore del foglio del portello: 40mm
4) Senso di apertura: Interno/esternamente
5) Chiudere la posizione a chiave della manopola: Su parte di sinistra/sulla destra
6) Adatto a spessore della parete differente
7) Finitura superficia: Scambio di calore (granulo di legno naturale)
8) Integrare perfettamente il blocco per grafici di portello con il foglio del portello, conveniente installare
9) vantaggi del portello di WPC:
1. Impermeabilizzare 2. 3. a prova d'umidità resistenti alla corrosione
4. 5. Batterio-prova ignifuga della Muffa-prova 6.
7. Suono-isolante imputrescibile 8.

Apparenza di legno naturale ed alla moda
10) ISO9001: 2000 diplomato, SGS
11) Servizio disponibile, vari stili, colori, dimensioni dell'OEM disponibili
Caricamento/Conveyance del contenitore:
Qty. /20 ' FCL: 160PCS
Qty. /40NOR: 385PCS
Qty. HQ di /40 ': 430PCS

Type of door Material Production process Surface trdatment Validity Formal dehyde content Advantages Shortcomings
WPC door Fine wood flour
and natural
Production molded, Forming one time through
UV heat transfer or painting 10 to 20 years warranty  
Green, one-time
forming that is
not easy to
deformation, anti-bacterial. UV treatment is
better surface
finish, not easy to change color
WPC material for decoration, generally lower degree
of consumer
PVC door Industrial
plastics and
various chemical
Molding, inside
Firstfixed wooden
keel, surface mount pvc
PVD film About 10 years Generally exceeded Price cheap PVC plastic easy
to aging, discolor,
serIously Glue off
Steel wood door Stainless steel, wood, foam Steel inside Filled with Honey
Combpaper or
foam padding in Central surface
of metal mold
PVC film or heat transfer 5-10 years Basic pass Price cheap,
Good impact
Resistance, Can be used as steel security door
Door frame is all made of plywood and the surface of
your mucous
membranes are
too easy to fall
off, the shape of
the door is too
Solid door Natural wood Painting Painting 15-20years It is up to
the using
glue and
Natural wood,
high-grade decency
It is natural wood and is vulnerable
to climate
impacts, directly out of easy to crack, the price is high
Solid wood door Natural wood Sheet Inside the wood
keel with the skin
by finger glued
solid wood
Painting or stickers, Foil 10 to 12 years It is up to
the using
glue and
Natural wood, the
price is slightly
lower than the
solid door
It is natrual wood and is vulnerable
toclimate impacts
Excessive use of
Mold door Molded plates Two face molded
inside filled with
Painting or pvc film 3-6years Generally exceeded Inexpensive, can be used often for
the renovation
works requierd
doors(such as
Small hotels,
restaurants, low-grade entertainment)
Most of the
substrate is
made ofwaste,
ntal protection,
style is too stiff,
the pattern is not
clear, the basic
products are
Artificial production door Plywood or
ordinary fir
wood panels on the market, by
glue, nails, tools to fight the system
and producing
the door
Painting 3-4years Generally exceeded NO
This kind of Door has been
MDF+PVC door MDF with few ordinary wood Small wood
Stickinside, MDF surface pressure,
Surface mount
pvc film
PVC Film 2-5years Generally exceeded Inexpensive, can be used often for
the renovation
works required
doo(such as
small hotels,
restaurant, low-grade
This kind of door
will be eliminated


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